Stranded is a brand-new, digital knitting magazine brought to you by Andi Satterlund, Erin Birnel, and Monica Kirby. We’re a Seattle-based group of passionate knitters with experience both creating and consuming knitting patterns.

Stranded is a triannual PDF magazine that tries to achieve a happy balance of readers’ wishes and designers’ needs. When you buy an issue of Stranded Magazine, you get every pattern and article in it, and to be sure that our designers benefit from a great issue they helped to create, all designers get a percentage of every sale on top of their normal flat payment.

The first issue debuts April 2016. Each issue will only be available for purchase for one year, so get it while you can.

Find us on Ravelry in the Stranded Magazine Ravelry group, on Instagram as Stranded_Mag, or on Twitter as Stranded_Mag.

The three co-founders of this magazine, in a photo booth style.