Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in every issue?
Each issue of Stranded Magazine comes with every pattern shown in the issue’s lookbook, as well as other fun content. In every issue you can find a knitting tutorial, an interview or article on a featured person or business, and a non-knitting craft project, tutorial, or recipe to encourage exploring other skills. That’s just the bare minimum! Every issue is unique, and you’ll find extra articles, tutorials, or projects thrown into the mix.

When do the issues come out?
We publish three times a year, and our issues are named after the weather. We’ve got a Warm Weather Issue, a Mild Weather Issue, and a Cold Weather Issue. The issues are released in early spring, late summer, and late fall, so the patterns will be ready for you to start knitting before the weather turns.

How can I get help with a pattern in an issue I bought?
For the fastest response, you can open your question up to everyone and ask in the Stranded Magazine group on Ravelry, or send us a message via our contact form. We’ll reply as soon as possible to help you out.

How can I contribute?
Use our contact form and tell us how you’d like to contribute. If you’d like to design or write for us, we’ll put you on our list for our calls for submission. We’re particularly interested in humorous or educational articles, non-knitting projects or tutorials, and knitting tutorials, but we’re always excited to see pattern submissions from new designers.

What do the different buy buttons mean?
We offer three purchasing options on our website and all provide instant downloads. The “Buy Via Ravelry” button will direct your purchase through and deliver to the email you use in your purchasing information. If you’re buying an issue for yourself, this is the method we recommend because your purchase will be added to your Ravelry library if you’re a Ravelry member, and you’ll also receive any updates to the magazine automatically.
The other two options use our secure shopping cart. The “Buy as a Gift” button will let you choose a different recipient email address from the purchasing address and send a magazine to a friend. If you click “Add to Cart,” you can purchase through our system. If you use our secure checkout, the magazine will not appear in the recipient’s Ravelry library.

Can I buy a year subscription?
This is currently not an option but will be in the future. We’re a very new magazine and would like to have at least a year’s worth of issues out first, so subscription buyers have a clear idea of our style and what to expect before they purchase.

Will the magazine be available in print?
No, we’re exclusively digital so we can provide you with every pattern in an issue while also paying designers fairly. We’re taking the percentage of the cover price that usually goes towards printing and wholesaling a traditional magazine and using it to pay our contributors what we feel they truly deserve for their hard work. Each designer gets a small flat fee like they would for a traditional print magazine, but we also pay them a percentage of every magazine sale.

Why is each issue only available for a year?
After a year is up, the rights to the patterns revert back to the designers, and they’re strongly encouraged to self-publish the patterns individually. We don’t want to compete with the designers, but we do want the patterns to be available individually eventually, so the complete issue will only be available for 12 months. If you want the whole issue, get it while you can. If you want only one pattern, you just need to be patient.